Are Bulgarian women easy?

That is the question every man asks himself when sees so many pretties in front of him on the Bulgarian beach at the sea resort or some guy who accidently observed Bulgarian girls on the monitor of his computer. Let's explore this side of Bulgarian women.

When you think about getting some Bulgarian girl into your slipping room, you will look for such places where you could find those girls and there are many of them like clubs and discos in Sofia, Varna, Burgas. You will find "appropriate" stupidly smiling and sexy dancing type you are looking for very quickly. Does this mean Bulgarian girls are easy? No. You are in the club and girls up here are as they are, many of them came to find a guy, many just came to have some rest, relax, dance and drink. The other type of girls is those who prefer home rest or they are doing some active sport activities. So, you can't judge Bulgarian girls rightfully, when you are visiting local club. You are probably more interesting are Bulgarian women easy going comparing to girls of other nations and if yes, than how? Some Bulgarian girls are probably afraid to be home alone at night at that's why they are choosing defender for night. Some girls are trying to find their personal happiness with such behavior, because man gives them hope for the future, he makes her to feel needed and it is hard not to be tempted. It is hard to find their real place in life for those girls, this is said and I feel sad for them, but they have such a character and it could not be changed. Some Bulgarian girls are victims of their dreams when they believe the first foreigner they meet. That foreign guy buys their attention by expensive presents, flowers, romantic atmosphere - all the things she never felt before; he promises her to take her abroad and introduce to his family. Very often the aim of this promises is just to get the girl in bed and after an night spent foreign "macho" disappears in the shadow of tourists and after coming back home will immediately tell his friends how easy are Bulgarian girls. Now you see, how it could be in real life, using poverty and hope for better life rich Westerners entice Bulgarian girls. Of course, you may say if they were moral and descent they would not go to bed with stranger just because he is foreigner and promised to marry her, as this in not only naive, but also very stupid and in this case seems as really "easy attitude".

Are Bulgarian women easy

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Some Bulgarian girls are ready to go to bed with guy just because they are afraid to be old and alone. The years are passing buy and prospect to be alone brings more fear that pleasure to go to bad with the man; in this case it is highly possible he will like her so much that someday would marry her, especially if he is a foreigner; such approach works, Bulgarian women know this and try to achieve their goal using this method. Everyone is looking for his personal happiness and we cannot condemn women from Bulgaria for that. Very often girls are trying to marry the first foreigner or the first rich Bulgarian man they meet and because of this, they go to bed with him. Real woman is looking great all the time long and there is no difference she is 45 years old or 25 years old, she is nice woman and she has her own dignity. Bulgarian girls are also very competitive, because there are not that much of foreigners, but many Bulgarian girls eager to marry him in the future, or at least spend some time with him to get some profit. To be "the chosen one" Bulgarian woman has to offer the man something that would privileges her from others and very often it happens to be her body; you want do anything with this as it is truth. The painful truth here is that real man would not be interested in long term relations with easy going girl, but many Bulgarian girls do not understand this and jump into bed to the first foreigner they meet.

Foreigners don't really care what society opinion on Bulgarian women really is. They are happy with Bulgarian wives as except for looking sexy, pretty, being intelligent she is great wife, who takes care about the house and children, she is not as feministic as Western women, she is ready easily recognize the man the head of the family. Such women suffer great after they move abroad, as they don't have friends up there and environment is fully alien. Not all Bulgarian women are easy and the percent of them is not higher than among other nationalities. Many girls are just trying to build their life and become victims of own dreams and of cunning foreigners. Every woman in Bulgaria is unique and we cannot judge them for being easy or not; stereotypes and generalizing is a bad feature here in this case. We have to live not judging others, but believe our eyes, our own observations, always give a chance to other people and never forget to be a human being.