Bulgarian dating services

When I am just starting to think about Bulgarian dating services I am obsessed with idea are there any dating services in this country? You may say I am arrogant Canadian who does not know anything about the world, only some general facts and because of that he thinks he is cool as hell and may easily pick up any girl, especially when it is going about Bulgaria, as this country is quite poor and there are good chances to become king of the castle in that country. Well, maybe there is something like that in my attitude, because I was not only born in a reach country, I was also born in a rich family and I have never had any problems with my wishes to come true since early childhood or from the time I remember myself. Such behavior I keep bringing with me every single day and I hope this would also help me to find some pretty young women abroad, exactly in Bulgaria. I said "girls" in plural and that is because I meant so, I will surely find many girls up there in Bulgaria and I start my search with Bulgarian dating services.

When I think about dating service in Bulgaria, I don't know why, but I think about some old fashioned building with old phones and aged women dressed in old fashioned dresses. Those women are going to propose me to paper files with pictures of the same old women who would like to date with me. Well, that is what I am thinking about and I don't know where it came from, either from my imagination or I have seen this in some old movie, but that is how exactly I imagine dating service in Bulgaria. But what is the real picture?

Dating services in Bulgaria are focused to provide their services on the Internet, because future is strongly connected with prominent Internet technologies. Trusty companies have their offices in big Bulgarian cities (or at least in the capital) and also represent themselves on the Internet. Be aware of some companies that are presented only on the internet as they may use you; you will pay some big sums of money for letters only; those letters are sweet communication of yours with some mysterious Bulgarian woman from the picture. She would ignore all your ask to give her personal e-mail address or Skype or some other messenger. Most likely, you would not see her on the video chat. Why is it so? Because they employ girls who speak fluent English and often those girls or women are not pretty, but those also could be very aged women. So, you pay for communication with pretty picture behind which you do not see not pretty often old woman. Why they do so? They do it so you pay them money for such communication in hope to find Bulgarian girl for dating or marriage. Those are schemes of typical Bulgarian scammers and not only Bulgarian and sometimes they are even more inventive. They may ask you to visit Bulgaria and will really organize dating with pretty model look girl, the girl from the picture, but you will be really surprised she speaks pretty bad English, not that fluent English from letters and do you know why? Because she did not write you any letters, the other girl did it instead. If you go for such date, she would spend time with you at the expensive restaurant where you will have to pay the bill; the date will be finished without any intimate atmosphere. You will not spend night with that girl if you hope so. More likely, she would ask you to make her some expensive present, like new edge smartphone which later she is going to sell and take money back, so she will get some cash from the agency and some present converted cash from you personally. So, be aware of such Bulgarian "agencies".

Bulgarian dating services

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Are there no normal dating Agencies in Bulgaria at all? It is not that bad, there are decent agencies, but they are more likely combined dating agencies plus marriage agencies. You have to distinguish normal agencies from scammers. How to do that? You have to find them in Bulgarian Google. The best agencies will be on the top page, but choose not advertisement, but real search results. Than scan some forums in search of facts about those companies. If there are some bad comments it is ok, because there are unhappy people among clients if the company is popular, and there are about two thousand clients or more per year and also competitors will write such negative comments as well. After you have chosen the best agency according on the opinions of others and comments, you have to visit that agency. You will have to go to the office of the agency in the nearest city, but if this agency is in your home country it means they collaborate with some Bulgarian agency and probably does not know how it is going up there in Bulgaria, because they haven’t signed any contract of cooperation. The best thing for you to do is to visit Bulgaria yourself, to observe this pretty land with your own eyes, to see how many pretties on the streets of Bulgaria are just walking down and then you will be inspirited to visit dating agency. You don’t have to pay for services you didn’t actually get and that are why it is better to ask for a date, paying some small sum of money and only if the date was good you will pay the rest to the agency. If they will try to full you, there always is nice chance to say you will suit them with your American lawyer; believe me, they are in the EU and they would afraid this so much that you probably will get all your money back and apologies. Of course, you have to do this if you really didn’t get the whole service, but most likely you will be happy if you visit real dating agencies in Bulgaria; at least for now you have some hints, so I wish you luck and just go to the goal.