How Bulgarian girls look like

Like everywhere else - there are better, there are worse, prettier” and not much thicker and thinner. In general, for every taste. Girls like girls.Swarthy - the sun shines there more often. Overall - a figure girls in Bulgaria slender, and, frequent - slim, figure skaters mothersPainted thicker,brighter, there is something vicious in this, but is looking good not for everyone. Many Bulgarian girls have been abroad in Western Europe, in the States, so that is why Bulgarians are more relaxed and less shy than Ukrainian or Russian girls. Of course, it is better to see once.

How Bulgarian girls look like

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Girls from Sofia

Sofia is the capital of Bulgaria. Girls from Sofia whom you could meet have mostly came to the capital from different Bulgarian towns and villages to study or in order to find the good life” and got settled here. Girls in Sofia are more ambitious than in other parts of Bulgaria. Local indigenous Sofia women are more loyal to men and to foreigners in general.

Girls from Varna

Varna as well as Burgas are provincial resort cities. In Varna and Burgas girls are softer, more modest, and prettier than in Sofia. Sea air and a tan is played good trick on them.