Where to find woman in Bulgaria to marry and what Bulgarian women are

You are American man who is in search of Bulgarian woman to marry. Of course, you are trying to find beautiful woman and that is understandable. It depends on the country where you are going to look for a woman from Bulgaria – USA or Bulgaria.

Since Bulgaria became a member of European Union, many Bulgarian women went abroad in search of well paid work. They have chosen EU countries like Denmark, Great Britain, Sweden and those who are the most courageous went to the United States.

So if you live in the US, you have chances to find Bulgarian women on Facebook, for example. Maybe there are some special communities where these women share their thoughts. Try to communicate with them using this option. This applies not only to the United States.

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If you decided to look for Bulgarian woman for marriage in Bulgaria, and if your purpose is to marry her after, try to start your search in big Bulgarian cities. First city to search is Sophia, the capital of Bulgaria. Though, some say women in this city are quite picky and look only for rich men. It might have a little sense. Maybe these are only superstitions and you have to try search in this city, because as it is the biggest city in Bulgaria, you have the most chances to find good woman there and to choose out of different women types. Other big cities that are sea resorts are Varna and Burgas.

As one of exotic places to look for wife in Bulgaria you may try rural areas of the country. Women there might be not that fancy as their compatriots from megapolices, but could be more kind and it would be easier to find common language with them.

They keep more to the traditions and relations with family. Religious aspect might be stronger here than in the cities. Such average rural woman for marriage is a great opportunity to find personal peace, tranquility and harmony in your life. This is ideal wife to bring up children with, she would be faithful in marriage.

What are Bulgarian women as wives? As wife such woman has many Slavic and Bulgarian traditional peculiarities. Must say they are very special and although have common features with rest of women, also have some only inherent to them peculiarities. As there are so many beautiful women in Bulgaria, one of them might become your wife and you must take into consideration that except for the beauty such woman has much more to offer and the first on the list is intelligence.

Bulgarian women know a lot and it is always nice to have pleasant conversation with them and as the bonus you will never get bored. Good Bulgarian wife implies also such aspects as caring mother, ability to keep the house clean, being perfect cook, able to surprise man with lots of traditional dishes, having just enormous fantasy in everything.

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Must agree only general description of Bulgarian wife is given here but if you discover it deeper yourself, you will find much more evidences that Bulgarian wife is the best wife in the world. It is not good to generalize and say all the women are the same. It depends which woman in Bulgaria you meet and could she possibly be your wife or not.

Trying to find possible wife among Bulgarian women behave in natural way, be yourself and Universe will make you nice present, because we are what we think of ourselves, so be good and you’ll get good.