Why are Bulgarian women so pretty?

Have you ever been surrounded by great ammount of beautiful women and wherever you look aside you count one more pretty woman? Then you look back and there are 3 more pretty women near the beach, chatting and smiling. And you think ‘maybe I am in Paradise?’, but then you catch yourself on a thought that according to your behaviour you probably didn’t deserve Paradise. Relax, my dear friend, because you are in Bulgaria, a paradise of pretty women. Here this situation is obvious fact from everyday life.

Could you ever realize to meet model looking woman, who actually works on the farm of her father in the village and came to the seaside to have rest for the weekend? Sounds so much amazing that is hard to believe, but it is Bulgaria, dear. In the US man can see such huge ammount of extremely pretty women only in movies and in Bulgaria you see them everywhere every single day.

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So you are probably interested why is this land is juicy full of beauties. This question interested me much as well and I tried to dig dipper to discover the issue. My findings you may read as follows.

As I found out, Bulgarians have inharited that beauty thanks to their genetical mixture of Slavic roots and nationalities that were trying to win them for centuries. Such a blood mixture in addition with weather conditions (Bulgaria has sea and mountains) also made impact, created genuine existing beauty.

Bulgarian women I observed mostly have slim figure, dark sunburnt skin, pretty face and deep eyes. As for eyes there are many brown eyed as well as blue eyed women. Bulgarians usually have naturally black hair, but as for that reason many of them dye hair to blond. Those women attract your eyes and you can not concentrate on work or anything else. They are always on your mind because you just see them everywhere.

It would be not true if I say there are no women who have some extra kilos on their waist. They are, but those mostly are old ladies and there is such a small ammount of them that it is very hard to notice them. In America everything is pretty much the opposite way.

I will surprise you, but Bulgarians are rarely on a diet and eat traditional food, that includes meat, fish, vegetables, a lot of bread of different types and they rarely have problems with extra weight. Although they have very active way of life and work a lot, the reasons for their fit body is in some special digestic abilities and quick metabolism, I guess. Maybe sea food and mountain air also has influence? Who knows…

Beside of naturally inherited beauty Bulgarian women take care of themselves very carefully. The pay attention to every minor thing of their appearance. They use make up, visit beauty salons, use a lot of different cosmetics, and they do it very profesionally. You will never see Bulgarian woman who went to the supermarket to buy sugar without cosmetics on.

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They also wear nice clothes and look very fashionable. High hills is some extra point and whole article could be written about those Bulgarian women on high hills and, yes, they wear them very often for reason and for no reason, even when going to the store to buy some stuff for breakfast. There are so many beautiful, gorgeous women on high hills, dressed up fashionably and having million dollars look…

Dear friends, as I found out, genuine Bulgarian beauty is hidden in genes, good care of themselves, including more healthy food, make up, nice clothes and active way of life. Probably the moto of Bulgarian women is never give up, because good look is not only pretty appearance and great figure, it is also behaviour and the soul. Those women are ready to face every difficult situation with smile and usually are winners. Such a woman is a great finding for every single man.