Follow the rules when dating Bulgarian woman

Dating causes stress to our nervous system when our body needs some time to get renovated. Dating is even more stressful when people are from different cultures, different countries and speak different languages as this causes nervous tense and that is why some multicultural relations are hard to conduct. Although there are people who like difficulties.

Foreign language of spouse becomes additional attraction, and accent gives more charm. Etymology of this phenomenon hides in our sub conscious. In ancient times male of one tribe were looking for female from other tribe because different combination of gene pool made their kids stronger, healthier, combining all the best from both parents.

Marriages between the members of both tribes stopped misunderstandings and brought to peace, creation of unions. Later assimilation made unions with larger tribes possible.

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Did this changed at our times? No. The cover has changed. The form has changed. But the essence remained the same. There are millions of men in different countries who are looking for women from other countries to become their wives. In this tryings we can observe history of whole human population on Earth.

Initial part in the unity of man and woman belongs to dating process. Dating between Bulgarian woman and foreign man has its specific features. Some are narrow and peculiar to each couple. Some are more general and we are going to talk about them today. How to make date with Bulgarian woman memorable, positive and effective?

To make your date not stressful and interesting, use some jokes. Woman should not be bored and jokes must be appropriate. This is possible under condition you have good sense of humor.

You have to be real man. Nice to show at the first date with Bulgarian woman you are able to protect her in case of need. It is not a secret, when a woman seeing a man for the first time, she subconcsiously imagines him to be a father of their children. It is not obvious, but it is our human nature. If she her subconcsious decided you’ve passed the exam – you have a chance for relationship. This subconcsious check lasts from a few seconds till a few minutes.

Bulgarian women don’t really like when man is talking non stop about his achievements. They prefer when man could be judged by his actions rather than by his words. Chatters are on the bad account among Bulgarians as well. Of course, it does not mean you have to be completely quiet during the date.

You have to lead the conversation, tell her stories and jokes. Although try to make woman talk more. For this – ask her to tell you some stories and if she agreed – become attentive listener. Even if what she is telling about is not interesting have some patience to listen.

You have to show your interest and she has to notice it. Seeing your interest she’ll tell you more interesting stories of her life. She becomes more open. That means she likes you, because telling stories from own life means she already has some trust to you. The first contact on the first date was made successfully.

After you have done everything well on the first date with Bulgarian woman, you would feel satisfaction. On the next date you will be more confident and that will help her to see even more reliable man near. Bulgarian women like that.

In order not to make the date boring, do some spontaneous things and Bulgarian woman would estimate your efforts. Among such spontaneous goings-on could be, for example, buying huge bouquet of flowers from woman who sells them near cafés and present these flowers to woman you are on a date with.

She would be on the seventh sky from happiness, as Bulgarian women like such a traditional attitude which flowers symbolize. Unlike women from West who would think this is not that sweet, this is stupid, you should take care of nature and go green.

During the date you have to be cool whatever happens. You are the man and you have to rule the situation – always remember about that. Bulgarian woman in general likes when man rules. She would not show this, she would even yell at you if needed, but inside of hidden character she would follow you.

You are confident man, you know what to do and she feels safe with you. From that time she insured herself once more, but more strongly, that you can be a good father for her children.

It is important to understand that showing masculine nature has wise borders. You have to be non-compromised, but you have to do it slightly, making your pressure stronger and stronger, but not doing it very fast. You know, every relationship with a woman is kind of the game, which reminds dragging blankets. This interesting game you will play with your woman for the whole life 🙂

Do not forget Bulgarian women are not only street smart, but also book-smart and many of them have finished Higher Educational Establishments, like Institutes and Universities. According to that fact you better correspond her level somehow, although it is not always possible.

Intelligent woman may be a great problem for some men. Many don’t know how to behave with her and what to talk about. If something similar has happened to you it only means she is not you type. Some say it is good to date a woman, who is less smart than you are or at least has the same intellectual level.

Maybe there is some sense, but you can’t tell to your heart. The woman you are dating is given to you for getting some life experience. The same with her – you’re given for her life experience as well.

On the date with Bulgarian woman don’t try to impress her telling you are real macho. Exaggerating facts will make her to take you not seriously. Women hate when men tell such a stories. Also, don’t tell any stories about your unhappy love, because she might think you are loser.

Sometimes when you are dating you have to be a little weird. In a good sense of word. Tell her you like to get a sunburn lying on the roof of old abandoned bus two kilometers away from your house.

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Telling this you have to smile looking at her eyes and understand what is she thinking about you at the moment. Such things you use only when sure she’d like the story. Great if she’s a little crazy the same as you are. This tactic should be used very carefully, otherwise you risk to be the funny weirdo with whom she would never go for the next date.

If you liked Bulgarian woman, asked her for a date, you have to do the best to impress her and to make your planes come true. Everything is in your mind. You already know what to do. Think less – act more and you’ll get your happiness.