How to win attention of Bulgarian woman

Bulgarian women and which men they like – is the main idea of our article today. Probably, you are looking for some advices that are going to help you impress Bulgarian woman. Or want to know how to behave appropriately to win her attention.

The main advice is very simple: to be yourself, otherwise, no matter how you try to hide your real nature it will pop up some day.

Sometimes being yourself without pretending is not an easy task, but only behaving the way you are is what will help you to understand yourself better. We know that when a woman is near, almost every man tries to stay cool and some do this in a very silly manner. Women notice that well and it makes them laugh. Or even makes them feel disrespect towards such guy.

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If you want to impress Bulgarian woman, don’t show what a macho you are. Especially don’t do this in front of other people. If you like to boast of your muscles, wallet (amount of money), most likely you will not interest any descent woman.

To become impressive you have to be self confident, first of all. People feel your confidence in everyday life when you talk, when you are walking down the street and even when you are talking to the sales person at the market. Women have special ability to feel whether the man is confident. If woman notice your uncertainty, since this time she will consider you as a friend only. She would never look at you as at possible future husband. This is a key factor at the very beginning of any relationship.

If to believe the scientific research, every woman decides whether man is interesting for her or not only for the first few seconds when they are first met. At the moment of the first meeting subconsciously she decides whether he could become future father or not, including his ability to protect and to provide family with food (read: money).

Among trivial things you have to know when you are going to impress Bulgarian woman there are some features of man’s character they espesially don’t like.

Being selfish is very bad when you show this openly to Bulgarian woman. Of course, golden middle should be everywhere and in everything, everyone has to have “healthy selfishness”. Being selfish in a good sense means to reach you aim and not let any other people to use you if you are too kind. Not being selfish in front of woman means to share time and personal space with the woman.

Some less important hint to impress Bulgarian woman is good sense of humor. One more is your demonstration of how you are impressed by her and how great she is. Some woman said perfect man should be reliable, handsome and have good sense of humor. Why humor? Humor helps to keep the connection, otherwise the situation on the date or in common life could be very boring. In its turn that would lead to continuous arguments and finish with brake up. That is why good sense of humor is so important.

Good manners of a man are also good, but they are not that important. Maybe only on the first date, but when life flows in usual way, those good manners will become only irritating, because the man has to be confident and show his male instincts. If you were not gentleman whole previous life, don’t try to pretend you are or you will spoil the game. Be yourself as advised earlier and if you have bad manners, you will find appropriate for you woman who would appreciate such manifestation of your masculinity.

Intelligence is probably not that important feature for man to have. It is much more important to be able to generate income. Your Degree in Philosophy is not important at all. Well, there could be moments when science or professional interest could be the thing that made man and woman to be together or helped to meet each other, but in most cases it is not like that.

Rather important is to be honest, but only when this honesty is vivid. You may have some secrets, because your Bulgarian woman has them no doubts as well. You have to trust each other, because real trust is probably the concrete that builds the foundation of real relationship and strong happy family in the future.

What about appearance? Bulgarian women would rather prefer pretty guy or not? Appearance in general is also very important and every woman would like to have pretty boyfriend or husband. One woman said to me that men underestimate how important is to be pretty, as women choose pretty guy in almost 90% out of all cases. Maybe this is a kind of subconscious understanding that such a man will be able to provide good healthy progeny, as healthy often is a synonym to pretty.

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Women are similar in every part of the world and most of them like when man has a good taste. It is going about clothes he wears and shoes he likes to wear. Clothes makes the whole impression about particular man and it is important to wear stylish, although not necessarily fashionable clothes. Some Bulgarian women pay attention to clothes foreigner wears. For example, are these expensive brands or some usual clothes. Bulgarians had years of communism and they still like to wear expensive fashionable clothes that distinguishes them among others, and, of course, Bulgarian women pay attention to the guy’s clothes as for them it is indicator of status.

To impress Bulgarian woman you have to keep looking for appropriate for you woman. This search might be long, but if you remain yourself, one day you will find appropriate woman and she would like you for those real features you have, which is great. Maybe it is not that important, you think, but actually it is. Use the rule of long search and even if you have some problems or you are disappointed, don’t give up, keep your search and one day you will be rewarded.